How to choose a soft ball pit?
  • If the soft ball pits you sell to customers have quality problems, you will encounter customer complaints, returns, indemnities, bad reviews, etc., which will lead to poor sales of your products, and will also affect the company's reputation. In order to avoid product quality problems in the soft ball pit, the following are the common problems of the products that I have been working in the soft ball pit for 10 years, I hope to help you.

    1、 After opening the package of the compressed soft ball pit, it will not be restored to its original shape after more than 3 days. The 5cm wall thickness becomes 3cm, which is strange in shape, with sharp corners, and cannot be restored to its circular shape. This is because the sponge has serious quality problems, such as low density and low elasticity. In order to avoid the above problems, please note that sponge materials with high elasticity, high density and high toughness must be selected for the compression pool, as shown in the figure:

  • 2.The size of the bottom of the ball pit is asymmetrical with the body of the ball pit, resulting in a mismatch between the top and bottom of the product, resulting in problems such as uneven bottom, asymmetric zippers, and gaps at the zipper closure.The specific situation is as shown in Fig.

  • This is due to the irregular cutting of fabrics and sponges in the factory and the lack of strict quality inspection. Please be sure to choose a factory with quality management.

  • 3. The zipper head of the soft ball pit is not strong, which leads to falling off, the zipper teeth are not smooth and stuck, and the zipper head is not closed and exposed to the outside, so that the product cannot be used correctly, and in serious cases, the baby may accidentally swallow the zipper head and accidental ingestion of sponges, etc. In order to avoid the above problems, a strict tensile test must be carried out on the zipper of the ball pit;

  • 4. The stitched joints of the ball pit fabric are not firm, and if there is a rupture, the sponge will be exposed outside, which will seriously affect the appearance of the product; in order to avoid such problems, the stitched position of the ball pit must be tested for tension;

  • 5. The fabric of the ball pit is uneven. For this situation after the flannel fabric is compressed, it can be ironed with an iron or made of knitted fabric, which can avoid the unevenness of the fabric to the greatest extent;

  • 6.The filling sponge of the ball pit is cracked and yellowed. It is normal for the sponge to turn yellow due to oxidation. However, the cracking of the sponge is caused by the quality of the sponge, and the toughness of the sponge is not enough. Be sure to pay attention to the quality of the sponge;

  • 7.The ocean ball in the ball pit is not full of gas, and there is a depression. There are two reasons for this situation, one is that it has been placed for a long time, more than six months, and the other is that the weight of the ball is too light. If you require a long storage time, you must purchase a heavier ocean ball.

  • 8.The inner lining of the ball pit product does not have a seam, which will cause a lot of thread ends, which will block the zipper and make the product look inferior. When you receive the ball pits, be sure to open them all, take out the cloth cover, and carefully check the inside and outside;

  • 9.Whether the ball pit has CPC or CE certificate is a very important matter. Remember to ask the supplier for the relevant certificate of the product, which can ensure that we sell the product smoothly;

  • 10. The ball pit packaging is too bulky and ugly. Because the volume of the ball pit is relatively large, it is all compressed and packaged, but the size of each factory's packaging will be different. The larger the volume, the more freight you need to pay. Be sure to choose products with small packaging volume and beautiful packaging. If the packaging is poor, it will make your customers dissatisfied.

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