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Soft Play

our soft play range is very kid friendly, has no sharp edges and is made of strong elas-tic foam

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For Brand Owners

  • Logo customization enhances your brand name recognition.

  • Quality raw materials help you establish a good reputation among your customers.

  • Sample customization speeds up your new project to your target market.

  • Ingenious design differentiates your products from others' and helps you win over a bunch of customers.

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For Wholesalers

  • stylish design gives you an edge in the wholesale market.

  • Competitive pricing decreases your cost and increases your profit.

  • Quick delivery shortens your time connecting with your customers.

  • Multiple options for customization allow you to do modifications in terms of your end customers' needs.

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What Makes Us So Special?

Up-to-date Designing

We are continuously researching the latest market trends and our team submits new design plans on a regular basis to ensure that our products click with your end customers.

Our specialized design takes your requests into account by designing various pattern,. Get the latest quality products from Lovetreekids.

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How to Work

1.Consultation and Design:Our designers are here to help. You could either choose among the types of products we have in stock or require a new design.

2. Slected raw materials

3.Sampling Making:It only takes us 5 to 7 days to make the sample for you. Every detail you ask for will be deemed essential in our sample making process.

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