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Ball Pit Business Plan
  • Ball pit is very interesting for children, but it is a good project for adults! Use this guide to learn how to start your business journey.

    Create an action plan.

    Step 1: what kind of Ball pits you want to sell? You can choose from a variety of different types of ball pits, such as inflatable ball pits, plastic ball pits, foam ball pits, or water-filled ball pits. You can classify the ball pits according to different scenarios.

  • Step 2: Where do you sell ball pits? Shops, fairs, or online stores? If you’re selling in a shop, you need to plan properly to display the ball pit, and if you’re selling it online, you need to create beautiful pictures and videos of the ball pit to attract customers.

    Step 3: we must do our best to do market research. The most important thing is to understand these questions: what is the current price of the ball pit online? What is the price of the ball pit in the shop? What color ball pit sells best? What size ball pit is the best seller? Does the material meet safety standards?

    Step 4:Find a ball pit supplier, understand the quotation of ball pit manufacturers, and pay attention to the price, capacity, customization ability, development ability, inspection report and after-sales service of ball pit factories. Select 2-3 samples for comparison, compare the fabric of the ball pit, foam ball, zipper of the ball pit, hole size, package, etc., and then decide to choose a suitable supplier.

    Step 5: Select a suitable logistics company. Because the volume of the ball pit will be relatively large, a good logistics company can save you a lot of shipping costs. You can choose Marine Containers, the freight is the cheapest, but you need to place an order with the supplier of the ball pit to reach a certain quantity. DDP is also an option, but the shipping cost will be more expensive than Marine Containers. This depends on the number of ball pits you order to choose your logistics provider.

  • Step 6: After determining the suitable ball pool supplier and logistics provider, you can purchase the ball pit directly from the supplier. Generally, TT settlement is adopted, the deposit is 30% of the total amount, and the balance is 70% of the total amount. The delivery time is determined according to your quantity, ranging from 30 to 90 days. After placing an order, we need to constantly communicate with the supplier to confirm the LOGO, carton and manual to ensure that the product is what you need.

    If you follow the above steps, you can start selling ball pits.