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Lovetree Baby Playset Foam Play Blocks Kids Room Foam Playset

  • ☂ A unique set of foam modules that offers endless possibilities for creative play. The set consists of 4 elements. Each of them is so light that the little ones can easily arrange them according to their preferences, creating different, interesting constructions. The ability to create different shapes stimulates the imagination and motivates to active rest while developing motor skills.

    ☂  Foam blocks are completely safe, they have no sharp or hard edges. They are perfect for use in a nursery, kindergarten, playrooms and other places where little ones like to spend time. Some foam elements can be used as comfortable seats on which the little one will rest after playing.

    ☂  Lovetree blocks are multifunctional. The ability to play freely is an important element of the healthy emotional, social and intellectual development. Sets and loose foam fittings will also be used in physical games, rehabilitation and gymnastics. They are perfect for various kinds of creative activities, the main task of which is to stimulate children's creativity.

    ☂  The cover can be closed with a zipper, making it easy to remove and wash in the washing machine at 30°C.  Due to the extremely light weight and the practical way of folding the elements, the set is easy to store and transport.


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