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Lovetree kids Ball Pool--Square

  • Foam Ball Pit - Kids can swim in the plastic balls, cover themselves, run and jump, and have endless hours of fun with siblings and friends. It's the perfect healthy activity for toddlers, babies, and young children of all ages. Ideal for bedroom, living room, family room or patio. This will quickly become your child's favorite toy set.

    * Great fun - the pool filled with balls brings fun to the youngest,

    * The availability of many colors - the multitude of colors of the pools 

    * 200 Colorful Plastic Balls - We give you a full assortment of colored, hollow, plastic balls measuring 2.75" in diameter. These are just right for little fingers and big enough to prevent choking hazard. Babies love holding the balls, throwing them, and swimming through them. They are lightweight and durable for years of enjoyment.

    * Washable Cover - The  cloth cover is smooth, durable material that will not wrinkle like others. It's hand or machine washable for easy cleaning. Lets you remove dirt and spills to keep the pool fresh, safe, and ready to use again and again.

    * Great Gift Idea - This is the perfect grandparent gift for your favorite little grandchild. Many parents buy several of these to keep kids busy with healthy physical and mental development. Get yours while we have this favorite regular  ball pit design in plentiful supply. It's selling fast after being recommended by countless mothers to their friends.


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